About the Comic

The year is 23XX. The world has just started to recovery from the effects of nuclear warfare, but it's not safe yet: bandits, gangs, mutants, and hungry dinosaurs still roam these lands and threaten the tentative peace and prosperity. To combat such threats, the Rex Rangers organisation is created, bounty hunters of all sorts tasked with taking on danger toe-to-toe and coming up on top. Follow the adventures of Johnny Sweet and Betty Belami and their not-so-noble steeds through the wastelands and beyond, in search for justice, a way to pay for food, and in Betty's case, a new leg.

About the Creator

"This mysterious creature lurks in the darkest corner of the world. She dines exclusively on tea, cider, and sushi. Her hobbies include art, learning about dinosaurs, gaming, and reading comics. Her favourite dinosaur is carnotaurus and won't hesitate to talk a lot about it. "