Rex Rangers

  • Johnny Sweet

    Headstrong and brimming with optimism, Johnny is a woman with a big heart and an even bigger sense of justice. She protects those who can't protect themselves and bats for the underdog, doing everything she can to make sure the right thing is what's being done. Her big heart has been taken advantage of by the unscrupulous and is often how she gets into trouble, but so far she has enough aces up her sleeve to get herself out of them.

    Johnny Sweet
  • Betty Belami

    Johnny's friend and often the voice of reason, Betty also acts as the team's technician, able to assemble weapons through to coffee machines with whatever materials are at hand. While some judge her as shallow due to her love of beauty, make no mistake, Betty cares deeply about her friends, family, and her friend's family and will make sure that they are safe and sound. While its important they save the people in need, she wouldn't mind if they found a new leg for her to use along the way...

    Betty Belami


  • Brute the Carnotaurus

    Despite his namesake, Brute is incredibly chill and willing to go with the flow for most things. Technically, he is a farm animal and shouldn't really be used for bounty hunter duties but the beast has proven himself useful in a myriad of situations. What he lacks in arm reach, he makes up with speed, determination, and a powerful headbutt.

    Brute the Carnotaurus
  • Ted the Velociraptor

    Ted really shouldn't be here at all. Too enthusiastic, more willing to play with the enemy that harm, and would rather chase his tail but Johnny loves him and can't bear to part with him, so he is stuck here for a long while yet.

    Ted the Velociraptor